leah stigile & hai

leah stigile & hai

From Investment Banking to Sustainable Shower Solutions

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In this episode of Read Receipt, we are thrilled to welcome Leah Stigile, co-founder of Hai, a groundbreaking company dedicated to transforming the shower experience with innovative, sustainable solutions. Leah's journey from investment banking at Goldman Sachs to entrepreneurship is a story of resilience, passion, and commitment to sustainability. Inspired by her own experiences and a desire to make everyday activities more meaningful, Leah co-founded Hai to offer high-quality, water-efficient showerheads that enhance personal wellness. Join us as Leah shares her story, the challenges of building a brand, and her vision for the future of sustainable home products.

Tune in to discover Leah's entrepreneurial journey, the inspiration behind Hai, and what's next for this innovative brand.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation!

the Show Notes


Leah Stigile, co-founder of Hai, shares her inspiring journey from investment banking at Goldman Sachs to creating a revolutionary company focused on sustainable shower solutions. With a background in finance and a passion for personal wellness, Leah co-founded Hai to offer high-quality, water-efficient showerheads that enhance the shower experience. The brand combines innovative technology with sustainability, offering features like personalized sprays and in-shower notifications. Leah discusses the evolution of Hai, the challenges of developing new products, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on her business. The conversation explores her entrepreneurial experiences, the development of Hai's products, and her vision for the future.


sustainable shower solutions, entrepreneurship, brand building, personal wellness, investment banking, Hai, Leah Stigile


  1. Leah Stigile’s journey from investment banking to founding Hai is driven by a commitment to sustainability and personal wellness.
  2. Hai focuses on creating high-quality, water-efficient showerheads that offer personalized experiences and promote sustainability.
  3. Building a brand involves understanding market needs, listening to consumer feedback, and maintaining a clear vision.
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges, but also opportunities for brands like Hai to adapt and thrive.
  5. Leah’s dedication to innovation and sustainability drives the success of Hai.

Sound Bites:

  • "We started Hai to create showerheads that enhance personal wellness while promoting sustainability."
  • "Our goal is to make showering an enjoyable, water-efficient experience that benefits both the user and the environment."
  • "Building a brand requires understanding market needs and staying true to your vision."
  • "The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of adaptability and innovation in business."
  • "Hai is about making everyday activities more meaningful and sustainable through innovative products."


00:00 - Leah’s Background and Journey-
Leah introduces herself and shares her journey from investment banking at Goldman Sachs to co-founding Hai.

08:01 - The Inspiration Behind Hai-
Leah discusses the personal and professional experiences that inspired her to create Hai and the early days of the brand.

12:30 - Transitioning from Finance to Entrepreneurship-
Leah explains her transition from the finance industry to starting a sustainable shower solutions company and the lessons learned.

23:17 - The Importance of Sustainability and Innovation-
The conversation delves into how Hai emphasizes sustainability and innovative technology in its products.

25:30 - Challenges and Opportunities During the Pandemic-
Leah talks about the challenges of pivoting during the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities it presented.

27:26 - Commitment to Quality and Personalization-
Leah highlights Hai’s dedication to creating high-quality, personalized shower experiences that promote sustainability.

31:23 - Building a Strong Brand Identity-
The discussion explores the importance of a strong brand identity and connecting with consumers authentically.

36:02 - The Vision for Hai-
Leah shares her vision for the future of Hai and her goals for the brand.

47:37 - Patience and Persistence in Entrepreneurship-
Leah emphasizes the need for patience and persistence in achieving long-term success.

51:43 - Final Thoughts and Insights-
Leah wraps up the conversation with final thoughts and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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