kyle cooke & loverboy

kyle cooke & loverboy

From Reality TV to Hard Tea and Sparkling Hard Beverage Innovation

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In this episode of Read Receipt, we are excited to welcome Kyle Cooke, the charismatic founder of Loverboy. Kyle's journey is quite unconventional, beginning with his stint on Bravo’s “Summer House” and evolving into the creation of Loverboy, a brand known for its unique hard tea and sparkling hard beverages. Leveraging his fame and business acumen, Kyle has turned his passion for entrepreneurship into a thriving beverage company. Join us as Kyle shares the inspiration behind Loverboy, the challenges of entering the competitive beverage market, and his vision for the future.

Tune in to discover how Kyle's reality TV experience and business savvy have shaped the success of Loverboy, creating drinks that are not just beverages but a lifestyle.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation!

the Show Notes


Kyle Cooke, founder of Loverboy, shares his inspiring journey from reality TV star to creating a unique hard tea and sparkling hard beverage brand. Loverboy is known for its innovative flavors and commitment to quality, offering consumers a refreshing alternative in the crowded beverage market. Kyle discusses the evolution of Loverboy, the importance of branding and marketing, and the challenges of building a brand from scratch. The conversation explores his entrepreneurial experiences, the development of Loverboy's products, and his vision for the future.


hard tea, sparkling beverages, entrepreneurship, brand building, Loverboy, Kyle Cooke


  1. Kyle Cooke’s journey from reality TV to founding Loverboy is driven by a passion for creating innovative, high-quality beverages.
  2. Loverboy focuses on providing refreshing, unique hard tea and sparkling beverages that promote a fun and active lifestyle.
  3. Building a brand involves understanding market needs, listening to customer feedback, and maintaining a clear vision.
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges but also opportunities for brands like Loverboy to adapt and thrive.
  5. Kyle’s dedication to creative branding and quality product development drives the success of Loverboy.

Sound Bites:

  • "Loverboy started as a way to create unique, refreshing beverages that combine great taste with an active lifestyle."
  • "Our goal is to provide high-quality hard tea and sparkling beverages that people can trust and enjoy."
  • "Building a brand requires understanding market needs and staying true to your vision."
  • "The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of adaptability and innovation in business."
  • "Loverboy is about providing refreshing, innovative beverage solutions that people can trust and feel confident using."


00:00 - Kyle’s Background and Journey-
Kyle introduces himself and shares his journey from reality TV star to founding Loverboy.

08:01 - The Inspiration Behind Loverboy-
Kyle discusses the personal and professional experiences that inspired him to create Loverboy and the early days of the brand.

12:30 - Transitioning from Reality TV to Beverage Entrepreneurship-
Kyle explains his transition from TV personality to starting a hard tea and sparkling beverage brand and the lessons learned.

23:17 - The Importance of Innovative Flavors and Quality Ingredients-
The conversation delves into how Loverboy emphasizes unique flavors and high-quality ingredients in its products.

25:30 - Challenges and Opportunities During the Pandemic-
Kyle talks about the challenges of pivoting during the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities it presented.

27:26 - Commitment to Branding and Marketing-
Kyle highlights Loverboy’s dedication to creative branding and effective marketing strategies.

31:23 - Building a Strong Brand Identity-
The discussion explores the importance of a strong brand identity and connecting with consumers authentically.

36:02 - The Vision for Loverboy-
Kyle shares his vision for the future of Loverboy and his goals for the brand.

47:37 - Patience and Persistence in Entrepreneurship-
Kyle emphasizes the need for patience and persistence in achieving long-term success.

51:43 - Final Thoughts and Insights-
Kyle wraps up the conversation with final thoughts and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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