jill scalamandre & beekman 1802

jill scalamandre & beekman 1802

Redefining Skincare with Goat Milk Innovations

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In this episode of Read Receipt, we are thrilled to introduce Jill Scalamandre, the driving force behind Beekman 1802. Known for its innovative use of goat milk in skincare, Beekman 1802 is transforming how we think about beauty and wellness. Jill's journey from a traditional corporate background to leading a revolutionary skincare brand is both inspiring and insightful. We dive deep into the origins of Beekman 1802, the science behind their unique products, and how they are bringing farm-to-skin solutions to a broader audience. Discover the brand's commitment to sustainability, the challenges they've overcome, and the exciting future ahead.

Tune in to explore Jill’s entrepreneurial insights, the science of goat milk skincare, and what’s next for Beekman 1802.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation!

The Show Notes


Jill Scalamandre, leader of Beekman 1802, discusses her transition from corporate America to the skincare industry, emphasizing the innovative use of goat milk in their products. The conversation covers the science behind their formulations, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and the challenges faced in bringing farm-to-skin solutions to the market. Jill also shares her vision for the future of Beekman 1802 and the importance of community and consumer connection in their growth.


goat milk skincare, Beekman 1802, Jill Scalamandre, sustainability, farm-to-skin, beauty industry, innovation, consumer connection


  1. Jill Scalamandre's journey from corporate America to leading Beekman 1802 highlights the potential for innovation in skincare.
  2. Beekman 1802 utilizes goat milk to create effective and gentle skincare products, emphasizing scientific research and sustainability.
  3. The brand's commitment to farm-to-skin solutions sets it apart in the beauty industry.
  4. Building strong consumer connections and community engagement is crucial for Beekman 1802’s growth.
  5. Overcoming challenges in product development and market entry requires resilience and a clear vision.
  6. The future of Beekman 1802 includes expanding their product range and continuing to innovate within the skincare industry.

Sound Bites:

  • "We are committed to creating skincare products that are both effective and gentle, using the natural benefits of goat milk."
  • "Sustainability is at the core of what we do at Beekman 1802."
  • "Our farm-to-skin approach ensures that our products are fresh, natural, and beneficial for our customers."
  • "Building a strong community around our brand has been essential to our success."
  • "Innovation in skincare is about combining scientific research with natural ingredients to create something truly unique."


00:00 - Jill’s Background and Journey-
Jill introduces herself and shares her transition from corporate America to leading Beekman 1802.

08:01 - The Origins of Beekman 1802-
Jill discusses the founding of Beekman 1802 and the initial inspiration behind using goat milk in skincare.

12:30 - The Science of Goat Milk Skincare-
Exploration of the scientific research and benefits of goat milk in skincare products.

23:17 - Commitment to Sustainability-
Discussion on the brand's sustainable practices and their importance in the beauty industry.

25:30 - Challenges in Product Development-
Jill talks about the challenges faced in developing and launching new products.

27:26 - Building Consumer Connections-
Insights into how Beekman 1802 fosters a strong community and engages with consumers.

31:23 - Vision for the Future-
Jill shares her vision for the future of Beekman 1802 and upcoming innovations.

36:02 - Persistence and Resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship-
Jill emphasizes the need for persistence and resourcefulness in achieving long-term success.

51:43 - Final Thoughts and Insights-
Jill wraps up the conversation with final thoughts and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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