jayme jenkins & everist

jayme jenkins & everist

From Beauty Industry Veterans to Eco Innovators: The Story of Everist

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In this episode of Read Receipt, we are thrilled to feature Jayme Jenkins, the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Everist, a pioneering hair care concentrate brand that challenges the status quo of watered-down beauty products. After more than a decade in the beauty industry, Jayme and her long-time friend Jessica sought to create a brand that would merge high performance with eco-consciousness. Everist's waterless concentrate pastes are designed to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce water waste, offering a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality. Join us as Jayme shares her journey from corporate beauty to sustainable entrepreneurship, the challenges of developing innovative products, and the importance of community feedback in driving continuous improvement.

Tune in to discover how Everist is revolutionizing the beauty industry with its unique approach to sustainability and performance.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation!

The Show Notes


Jayme Jenkins, co-founder of Everist, shares her journey from the beauty industry to creating a successful eco-friendly hair care brand. Everist offers waterless concentrate pastes that eliminate single-use plastics and reduce water waste. Jayme discusses her background in beauty, the inspiration behind Everist, and the challenges of developing innovative products. The conversation explores her entrepreneurial experiences, the importance of sustainability, and the role of community feedback in shaping the brand’s future.


eco-friendly, entrepreneurship, brand building, hair care, Everist, Jayme Jenkins


  1. Jayme Jenkins's journey from the beauty industry to founding Everist is driven by a passion for creating sustainable, high-performance hair care products.
  2. Everist focuses on providing waterless concentrate pastes that eliminate single-use plastics and reduce water waste.
  3. Building a brand involves understanding market needs, listening to customer feedback, and maintaining a clear vision.
  4. The journey from concept to launch requires overcoming numerous challenges and making key decisions along the way.
  5. Jayme's dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability drives the success of Everist.

Sound Bites:

  • "Creating Everist allowed us to blend our passion for sustainability with the goal of making high-performance beauty products."
  • "Our goal is to provide high-quality, eco-friendly hair care products that people can trust and enjoy."
  • "Building a brand requires understanding market needs and staying true to your vision."
  • "The journey from concept to launch involves many challenges and key decisions."
  • "Everist is about providing sustainable beauty solutions that people can trust and feel confident using."


00:00 - Jayme’s Background and Journey-
Jayme introduces herself and shares her journey from the beauty industry to founding Everist.

08:01 - The Inspiration Behind Everist-
Jayme discusses the personal and professional experiences that inspired her to create Everist and the early days of her brand.

12:30 - Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship-
Jayme explains her transition from working in the beauty industry to starting a sustainable hair care brand and the lessons learned.

23:17 - The Importance of Waterless Concentrates-
The conversation delves into how Everist emphasizes waterless concentrate pastes to create eco-friendly hair care products.

25:30 - Challenges and Opportunities in Business-
Jayme talks about the challenges of starting and scaling a business and the opportunities that arose along the way.

27:26 - Commitment to Quality and Innovation-
Jayme highlights her brand’s dedication to creating high-quality, sustainable hair care products.

31:23 - Building a Strong Brand Identity-
The discussion explores the importance of a strong brand identity and connecting with consumers authentically.

36:02 - The Vision for Everist-
Jayme shares her vision for the future of Everist and her goals for the business.

47:37 - Patience and Persistence in Entrepreneurship-
Jayme emphasizes the need for patience and persistence in achieving long-term success.

51:43 - Final Thoughts and Insights-
Jayme wraps up the conversation with final thoughts and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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